A number of the PlantPure meal starters do not contain added sugars, and in those that do, the amounts are low.

Sodium content of these products is also modest, especially when taking into account the totality of one's dietary consumption. To get a true sense of your sodium consumption, you must account for the add-ins (not included on the nutritional label), your breakfasts, fruit and veggie snacks, side salads, and side veggie dishes, all of which should be low in sodium.

Dr. Campbell says sodium consumption must be understood in the whole context of what we eat in a day. It's possible to have a flavorful centerpiece to a lunch or dinner, while still keeping sodium consumption low over the course of a day. You also can throw in more veggie add-ins to your meal starters if you want to further dilute/reduce your already low salt consumption.

Please see the statement of our Culinary Philosophy for further information on our general position on these points.